What happen on the surface?

A storytelling project dedicated to the material and the immaterial of everyday life.
Thoughts, feelings, little notes and half-unveiled confessions on the surface of Opificio Ceramico.


Firenze Collection

The deep breath of history in a body with sheer hues that creates warm marbling and flourishes in an amazing amalgam of colours.

Venezia Collection

A canvas suspended between water and sky that is mirrored lightly in a game of forms that are the same and opposite, a surface that is immobile or in continuous becoming.

Murano Collection

The infinite nuances of a mosaic of liquid light, where every line loses itself in the depths of a sea of glass and clay that plays with the colours and transforms them.


NeoClay™ is a brand new ceramic material with zero absorption that is 100% cleanable and is obtained with a non-traditional production process.