Firenze Collection

The deep breath of history in a body with sheer hues that creates warm marbling and flourishes in an amazing amalgam of colours.

A simple composition of volumes and colours that mix without ever losing their identity.

The coloured bodies are the stars of the Firenze collection. Six pairs of nuances create different patterns that leave the basic identity of the colour unaltered. Each tile is a ‘variegated’ single item that is reminiscent of the decorative Florentine papers once it is laid.

Pistacchio - Base Pistacchio

The colours take their inspiration from fruit and spices and blend harmoniously with one another: pistachios and mint; juniper and cinnamon, horse radish and pepper. There are four sizes that can be used on their own or be combined together.

Firenze Cannella / Base Cannella
Firenze Cannella / Base Cannella

A blossoming of constantly moving hues, each of which has a little history to relate.

“The material of the “Firenze” collection, “NeoClay™”, recalls original clay, which it resembles in some ways, but with different, more enhanced features that ensure unexpected performance.

We were first told about this material and then it was presented and I then processed it with the company but it was the material itself that in a certain sense gave us a true – very natural and instinctive – direction in which to carry the design development forward. The partnership with Opificio Ceramico was more spontaneous than reasoned or rational.

A lot of work was put into the product in terms of the tone that the entire product takes on because it is a coloured body but it is not coloured uniformly. In fact it has natural veining.

We have used the unique way in which the product absorbs colour and distributes it inside the body to enable the product to make it become more descriptive of itself so that it acquires a unique personality.

The result is the “Firenze” collection, in which each tile is unique as if it had its own DNA, its own finger prints, no two of which are identical.”

Rodolfo Dordoni

It is a constant journey in contact with matter that is transformed into an endless source of inspiration and style.

Firenze Sistema Rafano / Pepe

A possible combination of several different sizes in each pair of colours is suggested by the ‘System’ module for a balanced compositional result. Craft skill and the solidity of the product combine with the high performance of the innovative NeoClay™ suiting the Firenze collection to any environment, whether residential or commercial, both for floors and for walls.

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