Murano Collection

The infinite nuances of a mosaic of liquid light, where every line loses itself in the depths of a sea of glass and clay that plays with the colours and transforms them.

It’s a story that starts in the morning and is different every day.

The collection Murano combines surfaces, geometries and materials that marry one another.

Even time seems to pass more slowly here. In thought, in gestures. As light and intense as a caress.

Just as for the collection Venezia, water is the star in the colours and shades that move space in an undefined way.

Murano Vetro chiaro / Laguna scuro
Murano Vetro chiaro / Laguna scuro

Like a sculpture that emerges from the water. So perfect that you want to touch it.

Venezia Murano Calle scuro / Laguna scuro

A mosaic of shapes and colours, unique and unmistakable details.

The article Laguna is made from the innovative NeoClay™ body that is coloured all through in constantly differing percentages to obtain a surface that is in continuous movement.

Mosaico Laguna A

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