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We’ve decided to start again from scratch.
From the intimacy of a craft dimension, where you immediately feel at home.
From the desire to follow our ideas, forsaking the superfluous.
We’ve decided to write the rules ourselves, because innovation is freedom.
Freedom to go beyond the limits to discover something new, something unknown.
Freedom is feeling wonder, closing one’s eyes and getting swept away by an emotion.
Our job is to interpret space, shaping the raw material, to create an infinite number of expressions and meanings that become styles, colours, tactile perceptions, sensations, that are as intense as the idea that generated them, but more real.
Imagine giving shape to a thought, by transforming it into something real, something material.

Something unique that’s your very own.


The company Philosophy

Opificio Ceramico proposes becoming a reference in the world of hand-crafted ceramic tiles. Great scope is given to product research, starting with the body from which the collections are made. Most of the company’s resources are devoted to research with the objective of setting its creations apart from the industrial products that are more commonly found in the international market.

The distinctive workmanship and the different finishes are possible only because of the expertise of master craftsmen and their constant commitment to the productive process whilst the partnership with designers with an international reputation ensures an approach to the market that is always modern and innovative.

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The production process is ‘extruding’, which is a technique that had almost disappeared from the ceramics industry and enables the body to be modelled, engraved, sponged and finished by hand during the different production phases to create a genuine product. 

The company’s commitment to craftsmanship is clearly reflected in all its products.
The versatility of the production process not only allows us to constantly rise to new challenges but also to create products tailored to the specific needs of current and potential customers.

Six simple ways to make production more environmentally friendly

1) All processing waste is recycled: our clays are returned to the production cycle.
2) Glazing is totally absent (NeoClay™), so no liquid pigments have to be disposed of.
3) Our production process totally eliminates V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) - these volatile chemicals (benzene, chloroform, ethanol, butane, formaldehyde,…) easily evaporate at room temperature and prolonged exposure to them in closed environments can cause both acute and chronic health problems.
4) Substantial amounts of energy are saved compared to a traditional system and power requirements are entirely met by the photovoltaic system installed in the plant.
5) The stoneware is fired at very high temperatures and can always be recycled, so no harmful substances are released into the environment.
6) Customized paper tape and packaging made of 100% recycled and glue-free paper.


The company headquarters are located in Modena’s old town, in Palazzo Aggazzotti, where the piano nobile, the first floor, houses the offices and showroom. The palazzo was finished in 1850 and was designed by the architect Cesare Costa (who also designed the Municipal Theatre of Reggio Emilia) in the first half of the nineteenth century at the behest of Count Aggazzotti. The atmosphere is that of a ‘house’, an intimate place in which to give life to new projects, meet people and converse.

This is the spirit of Opificio Ceramico: simplicity and naturalness that together with commitment and dedication are the ingredients for the success of a single and ambitious project. The production facility is located in the Modenese Apennines, which is where the designs become reality.