Cristina Pettenuzzo




Designer, develops creative direction, she devises sets for interiors and temporary installations, and designs objects, home accessories, surfaces, fabrics, and patterns. 

With her passion for images, she is Otto’s eyes, dealing with the creative and stylistic aspects. 

OTTO Studio is born from the creative vision of architect and designer Paola Navone. It is a multi-disciplinary design studio that collaborates with a wide portfolio of international clients through a range of projects from interior design to furniture and accessory design, including graphics, styling and creative direction. The teams dedicated to development of interior design, product and graphic design projects feed a continuous creative contamination, key to achieve the global vision of the project. From the scale of architecture to that of the product design scale, down to the detail of style and decoration.

Cristina Pettenuzzo – OTTO Studio has designed for Opificio Ceramico™ the Reverse project, which pushes in unusual directions, accentuating and enhancing what in ceramic surfaces is secondary, namely the grout, through a ‘reverse’ perspective.



“I started from the material, NeoClay™, a blend of fine clays, born from research by Opificio Ceramico, a material that has interesting technical properties but also a pleasant surface to the touch. I didn’t want to ‘pollute’ the product with prints, patterns, or glazes, so I decided to start working on its contour, leaving the material intact.”

Cristina Pettenuzzo