Venezia Collection

A canvas suspended between water and sky that is mirrored lightly in a game of forms that are the same and opposite, a surface that is immobile or in continuous becoming.

The magic of a moment where everything has a special flavour.

Venezia is a ceramic collection of handcrafted products obtained by extrusion, using natural coloured raw materials.

Venezia Rialto chiaro
Rialto Chiaro

Every single tile is worked and finished by skilled craftsmen to make it unique, by sponging the glaze and creating accumulations that ensure the surface is always vibrant.

Venezia Fondaco chiaro
Venezia Fondaco chiaro

Different techniques that enhance the surface so that the structures blend with the glazes create a new identity.

The colours are water colours, the bas–reliefs are architectural details made in two sizes for interpreting an elegant and sophisticated space that is modern but romantic at the same time. The textures draw their inspiration from the city, Venezia (Venice) from which the collection takes its name: Fondaco takes its inspiration from the floors of the old medieval storerooms and warehouses; Rialto with bas-reliefs that reinterpret merchants’ stalls, recalls the first Venetian settlement, and lastly there is Lido with its surface that is as nuanced as the water.

Like a sculpture that emerges from the water.
So perfect that you want to touch it.


And the desire to linger another minute.

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