Emily and Josh love each other. They have always tried to inspire others to pack their bags, leave, travel the world and play with life’s unscheduled situations. Travelling helps them to accept changes and unexpected events, it pushes them to test themselves, to overcome limits and fears and to become what they want to be. Emily and Josh are never boring because they are never bored. They don’t call anything “work”, because they know it’s all a game.

Venezia Calle Scuro

“The more we see the world, the more curious we become.
We are born with curiosity to learn, explore, experiment and are fully engaging with the people around us.”

“These days you’re by my side. Beating the odds together and having fun: look how far we’ve come!
I know we’ll be alright.

Firenze Menta
Venezia lido

“Existence taken in a certain way manages celebrate our desire for play.
It’s like when you were a child: the world becomes an adviser. In everything there is a new possibility that could open up for our life, whereas before that same “everything” often seemed boring and unrelated.

“Ci ritagliamo il tempo per giocare. È un piacere ma è anche una parte essenziale per sentirci autentici.”

Murano Mosaico Laguna B