Yolanda feels happy and free. She is a strong woman, determined to do what other people are determined not to do… and to do it excellentlysuperlatively well. What other people treasure as a wish, Yolanda keeps it as an oath. Yolanda laughs because she knows that people who are jealous of a charming woman will not become more charming.

Firenze Sistema / Ginepro Cannella

“I love to create a little bit of bliss everyday.
I think taking care of the space I live and breath in can also serve my spirit and give more meaning to my day.”

“On any give moment, I’m just trying to do the best I can.
Sometime I forget that and I don’t forgive myself for my mistakes.
Then I listen to my heart, capture the emotions there and translated them into words: “This is not a contest, just do your best”.

Murano Laguna Scuro
Murano Mosaico Laguna A

"Never narrowly define beauty. Beauty has a light that does not harm the eyes. Today my beauty is in my most confident gestures."