Being a gentleman is much more than a simple courtesy: Santiago is really sure about it. For him, being a gentleman means that you have to earn it. “Rude people are trite. I want to share all that is beautiful with others” he often repeats. Every polished thing is a form of kindness and for Santiago it’s a small revolution in everyday life.

Firenze Pistacchio

“It is definitely an exaggeration to demand perfection and happiness and to think that everything around us should be perfect… or should be worthless. I do not live in expectation of idealized perfection, I remain open to life and remain gentle. This for me is a form of perfection.”

“I have always thought that it is very, very difficult to love life when surrounded by rudeness and sloppiness.”

Firenze Pistacchio/Base Menta
Murano Vetro Chiaro

“What do we all have in common? In my opinion, it is the need to feel unique, to feel that we are full of value in spite of our appearance, our culture, our origins and what we possess.”