Orson is a seductive, witty man who doesn’t care. Not at all. Orson knows one thing: there are plenty of opportunities, if you know when to take seize them. Orson also knows one more thing: if it doesn’t matter in 5 months, then don’t waste even 5 minutes of your life worrying about it now. The trick is to find the things you really care about and not waste time thinking about the rest. Personal growth and success often happen together, but they’re not the same. And As Orson knows this well.

Firenze Rafano

“I do not allow anything or anyone to disturb this tranquility. I don't want to feel lost and disoriented in a day that is completely mine.”

“I want to be the real hero of my journey, not an extra on a scene crowded with others.The secret is not to change who you are, but to become even more of yourself.”

Firenze Rafano
Firenze Rafano / Base Cannella

“There are those who are afraid of the world and of their choices. These people don't choose anything. On the other hand, I like to choose. I prefer to have a laugh from the last fall and try again.”