Cam is an adult who never forgets how much he likes beautiful things. He is the kind of person who doesn’t need advices: he has too much faith in his personal own taste.
Cam exhibits displays a certain lightness and frivolity, always tempered by intelligence and a sense of humour. He believes that justifications are always superfluous and he confesses itowns up to you it laughing up his sleeveswith a smirk.

Venezia Fondaco Chiaro

Is spring really the cruelest season, as someone said?
I don’t think so.
Spring taught me to color within the lines and, most importantly, outside the lines. And it taught me to always keep flowers around!.”

“I don’t want to be the kind of person who panders to popular opinion or lets other people dictate my choices.
I don’t want to waste even one minute trying to be good enough for others instead of doing what feels good to me.”

Venezia Rialto Chairo
Firenze Sistema Pistacchio/Menta

“Are life choices a matters of taste? Matters of style? Matters of generation?
I’m not sure of the answer.
I only choose what I fall in love with.”